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Front crane washer FCW

Front crane washer is intended for cleaning of the road tunnels, traffic signs, roadside barriers, sound absorbing walls and vertical walls. It is intended for mounting on vehicles equipped with front attachment plate according to EN 15432-F1 (other attachment plates on request) and with standard hydraulic according to EN 15431.

In the basic version, it is equipped with a washing bar for cleaning the road, and with a second washing bar for washing the signs and road tunnels. Additionally, the machine can be equipped with its own high-pressure water pump so the customer can use his own tank (i.e. salt spreader tanks), or it can be ordered with a complete kit consisting of the water tank and front crane washer.

The control unit with an ergonomically shaped joystick is built into the cab of the vehicle and allows easy control of all device functions. The user on the control unit has the option of selecting the operating mode by selecting which ramp he wants to work with and has the option of regulating the water flow.

Standard coating is a combination of RAL 2011 / RAL 7015 / RAL3020, other RAL’s possible per special customer request.

Hydraulic oil tank

In its production program, KADING offers steel hydraulic oil tanks of various volumes and dimensions, intended primarily for the construction of hydraulic units.

In the basic version, the tanks are delivered with a steel lid, a seal, an inspection eye and an oil drain plug.


Water tank WT-R

Water tank WT-R is intended for mounting on the rear 3-point hitch of agricultural tractors and it can be used in combination with different front attachments, i.e. plant watering arm, front brush, etc.

The compact design enables mounting on smaller tractors which satisfy min. requirements regarding load and own weight. The basic product is equipped with an attachment that corresponds to the rear hitch attachment of category 2/3, 1000 lit. tank, rear light set, anti-vortex suction connection, and suction filter.

As an option, the product can be equipped with smaller tanks and in different colours, an electrical pump, and a high-pressure washer (mini wash).